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“…the value of financial diaries may be in their ability to cast doubt on existing ideas and generate new experiments, ideas or services that help the poor in their own pursuit of prosperity.” (Paul Gubbins)


March 16, 2016. Acusan hogares de menos recursos incertidumbre sobre sus ingresos

March 16, 2016. Viven de préstamos – Gastan más de lo que ganan muchos mexicanos, señalan

March 15, 2016. Familias de escasos recursos viven “de fiado en fiado”, revela estudio

February 25, 2016. Five Fresh Facts from the Smallholder Diaries 

February 24, 2016. Is the Hunger Season Really the Sick Season? 

December 18, 2015. From Insight to Action: Five Lessons From a Year of Applying Kenya Financial Diaries

November 23, 2015. How Big Is Our Bias? What The Kenya Financial Diaries Tells Us About What We Might Be Missing in FinAccess

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August 10, 2015. Solving The Money Problems Of The Poor: Four Areas Ripe for Innovation

August 10, 2015. It’s a Small World, After All?

July 28, 2015. The Smallholder Lens: Financial Success Struggle in Mozambique

June 02, 2015. A December Bonus for Mozambican Farmers

April 20, 2015. The Complex Smallholder-Arthi Relationship in Pakistan

April 10, 2015. Geography Matters When Talking about Smallholders

April 08, 2015. Why M-Shwari Works

April 07, 2015. Smallholder Households: A Financial Inclusion Imperative

March 19, 2015. “It’s About Life,” Not Just Agriculture

December 08, 2014. Talking Avocados, Spinach & Catfish with a Tanzanian Rice Farmer 

October 21, 2014. Understanding our Smallholder Clients Serving them Better

October 07, 2014. CGAP’s National Surveys of Smallholder Households 

August 28, 2014. When Saving for Tomorrow Necessitates Borrowing for Today

August 27, 2014. The Kenya Financial Diaries: 4 Flaws in The Social Network 

April 17, 2014. Preparing to Spend a Year with Smallholder Farmers in Tanzania 

April 16, 2014. Selecting a Site for Smallholder Financial Diaries in Pakistan 

April 15, 2014. Why Financial Diaries to Understand the Needs of Smallholders? 

February 03, 2014. Understanding Smallholder Demand for Financial Services

April 10, 2013. New Rwanda Diaries Ask, “Can We Build A Better Goat?” 

October 22, 2012. Tailoring Formal Financial Products for the Poor 

October 04, 2012. Benefits and Costs of Financial Products for the Poor